Set - Special

250 75 Taper Roller 10000 400 120.8 ISO210SUTM
300 100 Taper Roller 12000 454 0 ISO312SUTM
The TowCastor system enables ISO freight containers to be moved quickly and easily without the use of expensive equipments such as cranes, gantries, side loading fork trucks etc. The system consists of four heavy duty fabricated castors (two swivel and two fixed) complete with the special adaptor plates which lock positively by means of quick action securing screws into the corner casting incorporated into all ISO freight containers. Quick and easy fitting is facilitated by a special lifting handle and ratchet spanner used for tightening the locking screws. Also available with the TowCastor system are a pair of specially designed towbars which are easily fitted into the front of the ISO cornoe casting, enabling towing by tractor, fork truck etc,. TowCastor are available with 250mm and 300mm polyurethane tyred wheels. Each set consists of: 2 swivel TowCastors complete with locking screws, 2 fixed TowCastors complete with locking screws, 1 lifting handle, 1 ratchet spanner. To order TowCastors select the size of the wheel, state the number of sets required and quote the appropriate code as detailed in the table. Towbars: the patented towbar is an integral part of the TowCastor system and consists of two identical fabrications which are 2.45 metres long and fit into the container corner brackets immediately above the swivel TowCastors. They are attached to the towing vehicle by a standard link pin up to 38mm diameter (not supplied). To order order quote and state the number of pairs required. Code: ISO-TB. For TwoCastor spare parts please visit our Accessories pages

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