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New development with Suppress anti-microbial


Colson Castors recently launched their new range of Suppress castors and wheels helping hospitals win the battle against hospital-acquired infections, and will be showing these on stand D136 at NAIDEX exhibition at the NEC from 28th April to 1st May.  

This new wheel technology developed by the Colson Caster Group enabled a major breakthrough in the reduction of bacteria growth and microbe transfer on hospital equipment including trolleys and mobile apparatus, such as beds, patient trolleys and wards trolleys.

In a series of independent tests the new Suppress antimicrobial tyre compound was found to significantly reduce the potential for bacterial growth, in particular, strains of ‘Staphylococcus aureas’ and ‘Escherichea coli’.

New clinical trials have shown that Suppress also helps in the fight against the Clostridium Difficile bacterium that is often found in hospitals and healthcare environments. 

Suppress wheels utilising an EU EINECS registered antimicrobial additive, are designed to suppress the growth of a variety of destructive and odour-causing microbes including bacteria, moulds, mildew and fungi. This new Suppress wheel technology offers a cost-effective way of enhancing existing infection control procedures, and is now available for a variety of hospital equipment applications as well as playing a role in numerous other industries including food processing, janitorial and education etc.


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