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Why Have a New Website?

Why have a new website?

It was long overdue is the first reason but more importantly it was clear that we needed a web presence that offered our existing and potential customers a portal into the products available from Colson, British Castors, Flexello and Global Castors.

We needed to provide information to make castor selection as easy as possible no matter what level of castor knowledge you have. We needed to make the quotation process easy and manageable. We needed to take a diverse range of products from four different brands and mould them into one seamless product offering.  We needed to offer a catalogue facility and we needed an information giving tool.

So what did we end up with? Well, what we have is, in our opinion, the best website in the castor industry. That’s a pretty bold statement so how do you back it up?

We’ve got a product configuration tool to take away the mysteries of the different code systems that uses drop down boxes to explain their meanings. We’ve got two quote request options: one that auto-fills straight from an online product page and the other using a more in depth form where we select the best options for your application. Then we have the clever part: some websites offer a PDF catalogue that is basically an image of their paper catalogue and can be a little restrictive for the user – with our site you can create your own PDF of the products pages. And what’s more you can even create your own catalogue! Rather than posting page after page of PDF files as a catalogue we give you, the user the facility to select which products go into your own personalised catalogue. The products are grouped into Divisions such as Light Industrial, Medium Industrial etc. and at the same time grouped within different Applications such as Medical, Aerospace etc. This means you can create a catalogue with all the products in it, one with only the Light Duty products, one with Light Duty and Medium Duty products, or one with the Medical or Aerospace or Retail and so on.

This is what makes our new website so different: we give you the ability to get much more from our products than you can from some other sites.

We have a site that we are very proud of: we hope you find it to be a useful tool.

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