Wheel brake - Solid stem

125 35 Plain 600 160 98 SCA5PN
150 45 Plain 700 190 110 SCA6PN
200 50 Plain 700 242 135 SCA8PN



SCA Series scaffolding castors are designed to meet the exacting requirements of aluminium work platforms used in the maintenance and building industries. These castors have a positive braking action that locks the wheel under light to maximum load conditions in a non-offset position. All three sizes of castor combine high strength and ease of manoeuvrability fitted with hard wqearing polyurethane tyred wheels which are kind to idoor floor surfaces.


The castors are supplied with a solid plug stem of nominal 1 1/2" for use in aluminium tubing. The castors are retained in the tube by a single spring plunger, which makes castor fittinga nd removal a simple and quick operation, requiring no special equipment.


SCA5 is arted at 600kg and SCA6 and SCA8 are rated at 700kg, safe working load static and have been tested and approved to DIN4422:HD1004:8/92, also BS1139, Part 3 1994 HD1004:1992

Safety Braking

All three castors incorporate a wheel brake device that secures the wheel from rotation independently of load applied, thus ensuring the wheel is locked when the aluminium tower is unladen. The locking action moves the wheel to a non-offset position bringing the wheel axle directly in line with the centre of the castor, contributing to maximum stability.





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